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The Hair Saloon is fun and friendly place to get your hair styled and the best place for hair treatment.
The prices are very reasonable and the hair stylists are experienced and up to date on the latest fashions, trends, and use only the best products.

The Hair Saloon offers services to Women, Men, and Children.

There are two types of treatments available at our hair saloon.

| Microstrand | Acrylic Nails
| Weave On (fixing) | French Tips
| Retouching New Hair Roots | Silk Wrap
Hair Treatment For Various Hair Problems (e.g dandruff,chemically damaged hair,dry hair oily hair,brittle hair and thin/hair)
| Stick On
| Glass Nails
  | Pedicure
| Hair Colouring | Parafin Wax
| Trimming | Manicure
| Tonging    
| Corn Rolling    
| Braiding    
| Weaving    
| Twisting    
| Crimping    
| Didi    
| Unisex Hair Cut and Styles    




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