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Our salon backs up with the latest trends in beautiful hands and feet.

There is no better place to go than health gate nail spa; we offer various types of nail treatment.

Acrylic Nails:

This nail extension enhance the growth of a very short nails with constant refill, health gate acrylic nails can be worn for two months.

French Tips:
Like the name suggest, these are artificial nails fixed on the tips of clients natural nails to enhance strength and growth. It is ideal for special occasions.
Silk Wrap:
It is a process of wrapping natural nail with silk to prevent chipping. It is ideal for enhancing nail growth and strength.
Stick On:
Is a process of attaching false nails to natural nails with the aid of nail gum. It is ideal for busy executives who have little or no time to spear but hunger for those glamorous looking nails.
Glass Nails:
These are transparent nails that are attached to natural nails to give an exotic look.
This is a thorough and intense cleaning of the feet. Cuticles, and dead cells are removed during this process. It rejuvenates tired legs and leaves your feet beautiful. It is a necessary treatment for everyone.
This is also a thorough cleansing of the hands to remove dead cells and cuticles. It makes for beautiful hands.
Parfin Wax Treatment:
This is a treatment that moisturizes the hand/feet with liquid paraffin wax after a pedicure. It is ideal for dry/rough hands/feet and it leaves a smooth and silky feel.




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