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Healthgate partners with DIBI, Italy's No.1 Bueaty Industry.

About DIBI

For 25 years DIBI has been at the forefront of Italy’s beauty industry.

When a client opens the door to a DIBI center she can rest assured that she is in the hands of a highly skilled professional who will provide her with a unique and exclusive approach of targeted programs to solve her problems, supplemented by a range of products for home use that will enhance the effects of the professional treatment.

DIBI’s research and development department collaborates with various scientific research centers. DIBI’s success proves the seriousness and effectiveness of our products and while appearance is important it is part of a whole. Feel beautiful and you will look beautiful. Begin the process of opening your mind to new experiences and adventures and taking the time for taking care of your health and your looks. The DIBI approach involves making space for beauty in your life.

Headquartered in Bergamo Italy, Dibi has grown steadily over the past 25 years and, because of constant innovation, has significantly contributed to the expansion of the professional aesthetics market in that country, with over 800 Dibi centers alone. It is also growing in prowess all over the world, with DIBI centers of excellence in Europe, Asia and the United States. Healthgate is the first DIBI centre to be opened in Africa.

Dibi seeks harmony between the mind and the body and the worlds of cosmetic science and nature. DIBI combines the latest technological advances in ingredients with the best that nature has to offer to bring DIBI clients the most effective products.

Dibi puts great emphasis on training and education. Their programs have been designed to enable skincare and body care professionals to gain a complete understanding of Dibi’s philosophy, products and methodologies.

This is obviously of great benefit to the client. The DIBI mission is very clear ……

‘achieving outer and inner beauty through health and wellness’

Amanda Cross

When Amanda Cross chose to follow a career in Health & Beauty at the age of 18, it was a decision that would afford her many opportunities in the coming years.

Her career progression has been of a highly self-motivated and diverse nature, including salon ownership, overseas postings, technical consultancy; lecturing and many years as a freelance make up artist and stylist. This has taken her all over the world, working on fashion and advertising campaigns, women's publications, commercial videos and television.

'I am fascinated by all aspects of this industry' says Amanda. 'It's history, the technological advances and especially the integration of a more holistic approach to beauty treatments'

Her interest in the subject of bodily adornment prompted Amanda to spend a year in the Far East Asia and Africa researching the history of beauty culture as part of a larger global project.

'The desire to pamper and decorate our bodies is both universal and deep rooted in our culture, it is one of the original forms of artistic expression' says Amanda.

Her in depth knowledge of the Health and Beauty business provided the springboard that put Amanda in front of the television camera, and it is in this area that she has achieved considerable success during the past seven years. Her debut came as Fashion & Beauty Presenter on UK Living, guest appearances on BBC and ITV soon followed, and in 1996 she co hosted ‘Live at Three’, with Jayne Irving. Amanda then moved on to join Channel 5, where she was one of the presenters on their live afternoon show, ‘5's Company’.

More recently she has been working as a health and beauty journalist for publications such as Healthy Magazine, and presenting the Highly Alternative show on Channel Health with Hazel Courtney.

She is an accomplished author with 4 titles already under her belt:

Miracle Juices
Food Boosters for Kids
The Children’s Dream Dictionary
Curb the Carb

These are all available from Hamlyn Publishing.

The reason for her success is her very creative and individual style, which is something she is very keen to pass onto others in the industry.

'I have been involved in most areas of the health and beauty industry during the past 20 years' says Amanda 'and one of the most fulfilling aspects has always been my teaching. Whether to the trade or the general public, it is great to watch people develop and gain confidence in themselves'

As far as Amanda is concerned there has never been a better time for the complementary health and beauty industries.

'Times are changing fast; the focus is shifting to a far more caring society. People are looking after themselves more. It is more widely accepted that complementary therapies, relaxation, exercise and diet play a major part in keeping people well. People are waking up to the fact that prevention is a far better option than cure.'

Amanda's wealth of varied experience and natural flair for effective communication has led to consultancy work with companies such as Charles Worthington. Her brief is to ensure that they provide the latest and most advanced treatments on the market and remain at the cutting edge of client service, with a strong focus on attention to detail.

Her philosophy is simple.

'In a world where society is becoming governed by technology, the personal touch is a sought after commodity. Today's consumer is more discerning with a vast array of choice, so it is the businesses that offer and consistently deliver a high degree of excellence and customer care that will lead the field'




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