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Opened in 2001, Stella's Health Gate has enjoyed tremendous success in its efforts to promote well-being among its clients and the community of Lagos. The aim of Stella's Health Gate is the overall fitness of the individual, which includes exercise, diet and beauty treatments. Part of this aim is achieved through providing world class facilities and services in conjunction with highly trained professional staff. We are proud to offer the following facilities and services.

Weights and Gym:
A major part of physical fitness is exercise and aerobic activity. We provide a complete spectrum of equipment that gives you every option imaginable for your exercise regimen. StairMaster-steppers, Spirit treadmills, Vectra weight machines, dumbbells, StairMaster bikes and other exercise equipment allow you to build strength, while our aerobics gym helps you to develop stamina through cardiovascular activity. This provides you with everything you need to reach your fitness goals.
Sauna rooms (dry and steam):
Many societies have long understood the benefits of regular use of a sauna. At Stella's Health Gate we provide both dry and steam saunas for your enjoyment. The deep penetrating heat will relax you fully and also helps to melt away some of those unwanted pounds.
Tanning beds:
Many people world-wide have come to enjoy the experience of indoor tanning through the use of tanning beds. Our top-of-the-line tanning beds are meticulously maintained and cleaned to offer you the best tanning experience.
Jacuzzi whirlpools:
The combination of hot water and air bubbles gives a unique and soothing experience for tired bodies. Our well-trained staff would be happy to help you understand the benefits of a good soak in the Jacuzzi as a part of your overall fitness program.
Personal lockers:
Personal lockers are available for use while you are at Stella's Health Gate. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with this when you arrive.
Massage therapy:
Tired and aching muscles receive the attention they are craving through this relaxing treatment. Depending on the nature of the problem or pain, our highly trained professional staff will use an assortment of oils and a variety of techniques to deliver a top-notch body massage that will leave you feeling rejuvenated.
Coffee bar:
After a good work-out, sometimes you might need a quick pick-me-up, and our coffee bar is just the place to get it. With a complete line of refreshing coffee drinks and other beverages, be sure to make this a regular part of your visit to Stella's Health Gate.
Stella's Personal Health Care Shop:
As a part of our commitment to your total fitness, Stella's Health Gate proudly offers you a fantastic selection of products in our Personal Health Care Shop. With everything from skin care products used in our Beauty Treatments Department to dietary supplements and make-up products, this is your one-stop shop for health and beauty needs.
Beauty Treatments:
Looking and feeling your best includes getting some help in those where you feel imperfect. This includes everything from hairstyling to cosmetic procedures and treatments. Stella's Health Gate is excited to provide a collection of beauty treatments that is totally complete. Ask one of our Beauty Treatment Experts about what treatments might help you to look and feel your best.



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