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The Gym and Aerobics is another very important department in Health Gate, Since our aim is total beautification and the fitness of an individual .The Gym and Aerobics classes plays a big role in achieving this aim. As we all know, Gym builds up the physical muscles of the individual while aerobics builds up the stamina and reduces the weight, if combined with a sliming chart plan to achieve total fitness. We always insist that our clients partake the services offered in the department .Our Gym is well fitted with latest machine and they include the following:
Spirit Tredmill:
This is a machine that offers you the opportunity to exercise various body muscles at the same time. This helps in weight loss and thus gives a trimmer shape.
Stair Master Steper:
This machine helps to reduce the weight around the hips and improves any heart weakness
Stair Master Bike:
This machine firms up the legs and exercises the ankle, knees and hip joint to make it more flexible.
Vectra Weight:
This is a multi gym that helps to build up the muscles and reduces fat to the level one desire so.
Water Roller:
It is a machine that helps to firm up the arm muscles
Step Rider:
This is a machine that stretches the backbone thus it is very good at relieving backache and pains.
Leg Walker:
This is a machine that helps to firm up the thigh and reduce the fat therein.
These are weight that are used to either build up the arm muscles or reduce the fatty tissues in the arm.
Bed Massage:
This is a machine that massages the whole back and helps to dissolve fatty tissues in the buttocks.
Sauna(Dry Steam):
It is a dry stimulation system that helps in breaking down fats in the body, the heat opens up the pores and forces out sweat and thus clearing out every waste product that might other wise clog the skin, heart and lungs.
This is a machine that uses regulated water jets to massage the body thus giving a good relaxed feeling.




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