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This is a process whereby strands of hair extensions are attached to the strands of natural hair without the aid of threads or glue. It gives a very natural and glamorous look.
Normal Weavon Fixing:
This is a process whereby hair extensions are attached to natural hair with the aid of needle and thread. It is ideal for customers with short hair.
This is a process wherein new hair roots are relaxed with a type of hair relaxer that suits the clients’ hair constitution. We stock a wide range of hair relaxer for our clients (adults and kids) to choose from and they include:

Affirm Botanicals

Dark and Lovely

Volume Plus

Crème of Nature

Gentle Treatment


African Pride


Soft and Beautiful

At One

Just 4 Me

Beautiful Beginnings

Black Thong

We are equal to none in treating various hair problems/conditions. No matter the hair problem (be it dandruff, oiliness brittleness etc.) we have permanent solutions that leave your hair beautiful and bouncy. Some products we use in these treatment include:
  • Hot oil (dandruff & dry hair)
  • Zheric reddy conditioner (brittles weak hair)
  • Trespac & mendex conditioner (chemically damaged hair)
  • Keracare (repairs damaged hair)
  • Keracare super reconstructor (brittle thin & weak hair)
  • Affirm 5 in 1 reconstuctor (week hair balance)
Dead and weak hair are the most common deferent to rapid hair growth, we are equal to none in hair trimmer. We do not only recommend that our client trim their hair ends, we insist upon it.
Hair Colouring:
Colouring your hair is perhaps the most remarkable way to change your appearance. We offer permanent and semi permanent solution to suit all skin types. Highlight, streaky dyer, henna colouring, peroxide colouring and rinse are also available.
This is the quickest way to style your hair especially when you want to achieve that modern and chic look within the shorter possible time. We specialize in tonging different texture of hair and our tonging lasts you all the week long.
Corn Rolling:
This is a lovely hair do that gives you youthful and fresh look, it is one of our in house specialty and it is most suitable for ladies.
Braiding / Weaving / Twisting / DIBI:
All this are various types of hairstyles that we specialize in we do any style of braiding, didi, weaving, twisting, you desire to wear. We are unbeatable in these styles and our clients are always happy when they come to us.
Unisex Hair Cut & Styles:
We offer you a variety of haircuts and hairstyles to suit your face and personality.




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